How We Serve You

Bitcoin Strategy Group works with a consortium of like-minded professionals in the Bitcoin industry.  

We offer expertise on the following areas at the cost of .375 bitcoin/half hour or $175 USD/half hour equivalent:

Bitcoin businesses

Let us tell your story and refine your brand. 

You're a technical or business professional, you're not a story-teller.  Stories and other powerful content pieces are the way your audience understand and align with your brand and persuade the larger Bitcoin community for your vision.  Whether you want to call this Public Relations, Communications or Community Development, our highly-skilled creative team will craft a narrative that engages, inspires and expands your user-base. Book us now. 

Let us be the bridge between your business and your government. 
Bitcoin wasn't built to operate in legacy systems, but that doesn't mean engaging with our local and federal governments goes out the window.  In our experience, many governmental representatives mean well and simply wish to understand this new technology and movement.  Let us be the bridge between your company and the government world.  We've done it before, we're good at it, and we like it. Inquire now. 

Let us help you understand compliance and implement a program. 
If you are a Bitcoin business that wishes to build a compliance system, we've got you covered.  Our highly-skilled and accredited team of professional compliance consultants will take care of your unique needs.  Book us now. 

Let us improve your technology.
Allow our exceptional technologists offer strategic advice on what technology you can use to create the most robust product for your clients, or even pay us to help build it for you.  We have gathered the most ethical, exceptional technologists in the space to offer their services to you.  Engage us now. 

Let us help you help Bitcoin.
We think it's completely unacceptable that only two companies (!!!) currently provide support to Bitcoin. Your company depends on a functioning blockchain to operate.  Engage us to help determine what Bitcoin needs most right now, and assist you in providing support to this beautiful group of technologists who work so your business can prosper. We'll even celebrate your contribution after by telling your story to the community.  All Bitcoin businesses should be supporting the technology underlying their organization.  Engage us now.

Let us help you form strategic partnerships.
The original meaning of "compete" is "to strive together." Let's create a robust and collaborative ecosystem by creating mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.  Whether the strategy involves a joint marketing campaign or a shared piece of content, we love introducing people to each other and helping the industry grow closer.  Work with us now. 


Let us establish your Bitcoin strategy.
So, your a traditional business, and you're interested learning more about bitcoin and potentially adding it as a payment option for your business.  Or, perhaps you've just heard about this movement and want to understand if your company can benefit from the work being done.  Allow us to understand your unique needs, create, and execute on a strategy that will work for your company.  Inquire now.



Let us help you invest in and securely store bitcoin.
Bitcoin is the world's best performing asset, and has been for 5 out of the past 8 years.  Tripling in value over the past year alone, you'd be remiss not to include this incredible asset in your portfolio.  Let our experienced personal financial professionals assist you in determining the appropriate amount to own, assist you in acquiring bitcoin, and provide guidance on how to properly store your investment. No one likes zombie coins or missed opportunities.  Book us now. 

Let us get you hired in the industry.
So you want to work in Bitcoin? We can help.  Our vast network can determine where jobs are available, help facilitate introductions and get you placed in the role of your dreams. We love bitcoin, and we are here to help you succeed.  

Victoria has a work management ethic that is extremely impressive, combined with an ability
to deliver on projects with optimum efficiency. She is relentless in her ability to execute
on deliverables. I have worked with her in situations where strategic relationship
building was key. Victoria has the ability to carve a wide swath through
complex social situations undeterred and an ability to ensure that deliverables are met
with all personnel held accountable. Her writing is stellar and engaging; a great asset
to any organization. I can, without any hesitation, say the same for her research
ability. Her determination combines with noted intelligence to deliver results.
— Lisa Sorge, Former PR for Nintendo, Disney

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