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The Bitcoin Strategy Group understands the ins and outs of Bitcoin.  Our expertise in economics, technology and personal finance offer our clients a unique perspective.  Whether you're an individual looking for an accessible perspective on this new currency, or a business looking to ascertain suitability for their business with the Bitcoin protocol, the Bitcoin Strategy Group can help. 

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Strategic Communications & Positioning

Strong government & public relations and communication is essential to developing a sustainable and legitimate Bitcoin presence.  Our story must be meaningful and accessible to your audience. 

We'll help you strengthen your public image by guiding you away from what's holding you back and helping you overcome potential barriers to success so your organization does not miss critical opportunities to promote and affect change. This includes advice and support on reputation and public image, strategic press opportunities and a communications strategy that carries your message to the people who have the power to act on them. 

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Government Relations


Government decision-makers are learning about Bitcoin through a number of channels: their colleagues; the media; and through direct contact with interested and affected stakeholders. The best way to educate, communicate and shape Bitcoin legislation is by engaging key players and decision-makers early with a carefully created and executed plan that will achieve your desired outcomes. 

We work with the Bitcoin Community to develop strong, impactful and long-lasting relationships with key decision makers.  


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