How We Operate

We believe in efficiency and delivering value.  That's why we only work with serious professionals who understand the importance of maximizing our time.  Please read the following guide to understand what makes the Bitcoin Strategy Group so efficient.

1. We're freedom oriented. We believe in hyper-contracting out our consultants.  They work when you need them, not on expensive retainers or retraining contracts.  This means you're free to book is when you need us, we're eager to keep you happy, and you can end your engagement with us at any time, no questions asked. Simple, easy, effective.

2. We're customizable for each client.  You pay for what you need, when you need it, and nothing more.  If you book more time than you need, we'll return the additional amount you paid.  We're fair like that. 

3. We're all equal.  We believe in paying all of our consultants equally, whether they're writing code, crafting narratives, or engaging partners on your behalf, male, female, young, or old.  Our time is art, not money.  

4. We're secure. All of our communications are done using Signal, a popular, cryptographic messaging tool.  We believe in your privacy. 

5. We're happy to spend time with you and your team in person, too.  Sometimes, a little in person work is just what we need to get team morale boosted and things flowing again.  We're happy to make the physical trek to you; we simply ask that you pick up all expenses required to get to you, including flights, reasonable meals, and hotel. 

[I] had the pleasure to work with Victoria on an immensely successful
campaign with ESPN and other notable celebrities. Victoria’s hard
work, positivity and creative ideas resulted in the campaign being
massively successful beyond everyone’s expectations. Any company
would be lucky to [work with] Victoria as a part of their team.
— Tony Sakich

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Together, we're taking Bitcoin #tothemoon. 

Together, we're taking Bitcoin #tothemoon. 

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