Ethereum Isn't A Blockchain

The amount of "Blockchain Experts" building on and recommending Ethereum is surprising, considering Ethereum isn't a blockchain.

Note: By design, blockchains are inherently resistant to modification of the data.

Note: By design, blockchains are inherently resistant to modification of the data.

One of the most valuable aspects of this revolutionary technology we call blockchains is immutability, the fact that whatever gets timestamped into the blockchain remains there forever.

How would history change if all human beings could update their knowledge, wisdom and stories to an immutable, public library?

How would our Earth and society and civilizations evolve as a result of this sharing of knowledge and wisdom?

What would happen when history isn't written by the victors?

When #fakenews is a thing of the past?

When we decentralize everything?

When we don't rely on even things like Wikipedia, which are still politically managed and centralized databases of information. Even this article still calls Ethereum a blockchain. 

We are ushering in a Golden Era of prosperity and abundance for all through the decentralization of power and control and information.  It's literally the enlightenment!

So, to all my beautiful friends building on Ethereum, I love you! And you probably missed this, but Ethereum isn't a blockchain.  When you rolled back the network to refund people who invested in the buggy DAO, you gave up the "entire principle of cryptocurrencies": immutability.

If you're not immutable, you're not a blockchain.

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Why Supporting Bitcoin Core Is Absolutely Essential

Bitcoin is more important to the world today than ever before. If you don’t know what Bitcoin is yet, then click here.

Now, look outside your window, or look on your Twitter or Facebook feed, or your favorite News site. (If you even read “News” anymore.)

See all that chaos happening in the streets? That isn’t stopping any time soon. It’s only growing. And Bitcoin was born out of 2008/2009 for a reason.

This headline was coded into the genesis block of the Bitcoin blockchain, showing us that Bitcoin is political in nature.

How quickly we forget the times of economic recession and the impact it has on our lives. Oh, Quantitative Easing, how temporary you are in quelling our financial misery and anger at the “way things are”!

Guess what, people? Fiat money always collapses. Always. And its already happening in Venezuela, Greece, and India.

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Why Is Bitcoin Important?

Bitcoin is important because it decentralizes power, and, as you know, power corrupts

First, it decentralizes central banking, and if you understand anything about how the world works, you understand the vicious role central banking plays and its parasitic nature, steadily feeding off of our very life force through debt and inflation.

Many of us labour for 1/3 of the year to pay tax, and then get to deal with suffocating bills and debt payments, reducing us to a meagre existence on this beautiful planet.

That’s not a life, and we deserve better. Central banking has got to go, and Bitcoin is the best thing we have.

I really don’t feel the need to put any media in here for you to review, since there are now so many resources online exposing this corrupt system that you can simply type “Central Banking” into any search engine to educate yourself.

Bitcoin was created to decentralize power, and give control back to the people; first, in finance.

Bitcoin is the birth of a new hope, and the best thing we have in terms of a store of value, and an asset that can’t be pulled away from us (as it’s push technology).

Remember to manage your private keys properly! Pamela Morgan teaches you how. Without that, you’ll probably get pawned and there ain’t no recovery for pawning. Store your keys securely, please.

Personally, Bitcoin is a blessing and a gift to me, especially last year, as I watched my home currency, the Canadian Dollar, plummet 30% in relation to the American Dollar.

Bitcoin not only outperformed CAD, it outperformed every other currency on Earth, in that it didn’t lose value. Fiat is such a joke; it’s literally debt.

And when you realize that all currencies are just debt owed to a private corporation made up of greedy, value-extractive families, and that policies are just created by a bunch of people, usually men, sitting in some shady-ass back room, your only goal is to find the smartest people on Earth with the best integrity and ethics, and bet on them.

“The global elite dominate us because we allow them to dominate us.Their debt-based system greatly enriches them while it enslaves the remainder of the planet. We need to expose their evil system and the dark agenda behind it while we still have time.” — Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge

Or, you know, to buy a piece of land with a bunch of water on it and move your family there and live in a bunker with a bunch of guns.

But, until then… we have Bitcoin.

And, considering the massive success of Bitcoin, despite its widespread adoption, the Bitcoin core developers (the team that creates and maintains the open-source Bitcoin code) are the smartest economists and cryptographers in the world. Period.

Results don’t lie.

However, these core developers are, for some reason, being completely under-appreciated, and even attacked, for the gifts they bring to our world.


Defending The Core

Bitcoin is an open-source project. Open-source projects survive and thrive based on open collaboration amongst peers.

Instead, this beautiful, robust team of Bitcoin developers — many of whom are volunteers(!!!) — are experiencing an endless array of psychological, verbal and sometimes even physical attacks for their contributions, often from entrepreneurs IN THE SPACE who have built their businesses on this open source code!

In what world is this kind of treatment of people, let alone volunteers, let alone volunteers who are building the foundation of your business, OK?

I’ll tell you.

A world in which people mace and beat each other over their beliefs. A world in which children are sold into pedophile sex rings and raped by the elite. A world in which we are so afraid of each other that we forget why we are really here.

We are not here to live in fear of each other. We are here to love each other, to experience life, to live in joy and celebration of ourselves and Earth. That’s it.

Bitcoin was not built on fear; it was built on hope. The hope that we, together, can build something better for the world. For our future.

Let's revive that hope.


Why Support Bitcoin Development?

Simply? Well, if you’re already in the space, most, if not all, of what you’re doing is totally dependent on this core group of developers.

And if you’re not into Bitcoin yet, I highly advise you to get involved and then find out how you can be of value here.

In case it isn’t already clear, and to dissuade your potential fears, remember that we are all in this together, and we likely all entered this ecosystem for the same reason: our ideologies.

We did not enter Bitcoin to harass, insult or ridicule each other. We entered this ecosystem to build something that can truly make a difference on Earth, for humanity. Please look inside yourself and remember how very important this work that we are all doing is. Remember that the time of division and separation is over.

It’s time to unite.


Businesses Who Support Bitcoin Developers

Luckily, there are some epic people and companies in this space who understand the importance of what we are all doing here, and what we are building, and who care for and support this core team.

Thank you to:

Chain Code Labs (Alex Morcos)

…for your support of the Bitcoin core developers.

For your information, here is a non-exhaustive list of all the Bitcoin companies in the space, thanks to @wmougayar:

Shouldn’t all of these companies be contributing something, whether financial or technical, to the core code since their businesses rely on it?

What good could we do, and how much faster could we progress, if we all cooperated?

Do your part.

Thank you, Bitcoin Core Developers, from the bottom of our hearts, for all the gifts you give our world, and for the time, energy and consideration you put into your work. We value you, and we know others do, too.

Please, if you’re reading this, take some time to consider how you can support this team, and feel free to let me know in the comments what ideas you have for how we can make this a more fun, cohesive ecosystem for all.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Bitcoin Strategy Group

P.S. Please understand that I personally fully support constructive and critical feedback and lively debate. And please remember that we are at the leading edge of creation here, and what we do impacts the rest of the world, and that the rest of the world is looking to our community to build our future of finance. Self-development goes hand-in-hand with Bitcoin development.

Thank you.

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