We believe Bitcoin and other distributed systems revolutionize the way humanity understands value. 

Not only are we witnessing the evolution of the way we create, store, and transfer value, we are reimagining our value system as a species. 

The Bitcoin Strategy Group is built and managed by a professional team of experienced entrepreneurs, technologists, creatives, and visionaries.  We act with finesse and excellence to anticipate coming trends and position our clients to strategically ride the waves of change with ease and grace, executing with integrity in a space currently fraught with risk. 

In an age of confusion, distrust, chaos and great social change, we guide our clients through the storm.  

Bitcoin is the future.  Let us take you there. 

Working with BSG has been amazing. They were professional, friendly and quick to respond. Their passion for the Bitcoin industry is amazing and I have enjoyed working with them. Their services have been punctual and exceeding of expectations. They are highly recommended.
— http://btcsolutions.ca/
Dear everyone in the world,
I’d like to go on record as saying the PR work done by Bitcoin Strategy Group for Crypto-Kiosk was exactly what we needed! My partner and I are pleased. Our business is growing and we want to thank BSG... for everything they’ve done to get us the start we needed.”
— http://www.crypto-kiosk.ca/
“Victoria (of BSG) has a work management ethic that is extremely impressive, combined with an ability to deliver on projects with optimum efficiency. She is relentless in ability to execute
on deliverables. I have worked with her in situations where strategic relationship
building was key. Victoria has the ability to carve a wide swath through
complex social situations undeterred and an ability to ensure that deliverables are met
with all personnel held accountable. Her writing is stellar and engaging; a great asset
to any organization. I can, without any hesitation, say the same for her research
ability. Her determination combines with noted intelligence to deliver results.
— Arthur Traviss Corry

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